Don’t Fake It Until You Make It: Achieving Orgasm for Women

Many women have a difficult time achieving orgasm. Current studies reveal anywhere from 50% to 75% of women cannot achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. Instead, they resort to faking orgasms or feel the need to do it every now and then. Why is this so difficult, especially since most all women are capable of multiple orgasms? There are many reasons for why women fake orgasm, but the majority of women fake for three main reasons: 1) They love and care for their partner and do not want to hurt their feelings or make them feel inadequate; 2) They are embarrassed to tell their partner because they have already been faking for so long; 3) They genuinely enjoy the closeness but have a hard time communicating their needs or do not want to appear needy or difficult.

In our society, orgasm plays a huge role in our sexual experiences women vibrator. The most common reason, however, for faking orgasms is to avoid inflicting feelings of sexual inadequacy on their partner. To avoid these feelings, people, especially women, fake an orgasm.

Talking about orgasm is very uncomfortable for most people and a general taboo to our society. As a result, many women are very unaware of the possibility of faking an orgasm, while other women cannot seem to distinguish the genuine orgasm from the fake orgasm. The disappointment and hurt, knowing their partner has faked an orgasm, causes the avoidance of the topic all together.

During pregnancy, you may feel highly elated at the thought of being able to give birth to a new life while on the other you may feel emotionally deprived due to the hormonal changes taking place inside your body. As the fetus grows, you may experience various health problems including extra weight and layers of fat deposits especially over the neck and face.

Though it may not be the best period when it comes to sleeping properly, you might be experiencing cravings at midnight and strange dreams apart from uncomfortable positioning on the bed. Another major complaint that pregnant women have is snoring that starts from the second trimester. Different studies have revealed that nearly 4% women suffered with constant snoring during and after pregnancy, while 25% continued to suffer from this disorder, in the last trimester and even after the birth of the baby.

It is a fact that pregnant women start snoring due to the body’s reaction to the increased levels of estrogen and other hormones. The hormones cause swelling and puffiness in the body during pregnancy, which the total body weight increases with each passing month. It is known that layers of fat over the neck and throat lead to constricted breathing while inflamed nasal passages, lead to nasal congestion and snoring, even when they are not suffering from cold or any other allergic infection. And the constant weight gain is a part and parcel of pregnancy, most pregnant women experience snoring as well.

Usually the problem of snoring resolves, once the baby is born and you lose the excess body weight, but a small percentage of women may not get rid of it. These women may have snoring due to a medical disorder known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. However, this is not restricted to women alone and men are equally at risk. As a result of this disorder, individuals may get abnormal pauses in breathing while they sleep. If you miss out on regular breathing or have 10 second pauses when asleep, it is time to seek medical intervention. Sleep apnea is linked to gestational hypertension during pregnancy.

However, normal snoring can be controlled to a large extent with the use of nasal drops. Nevertheless, if you are pregnant, you should make sure that the nose drops you are using are clinically tested and extremely safe. Use one of the nasal drops that have to be proven anti-snoring remedies that have been tested and results prove that it helps to curb snoring. Nasal drops help in tightening the tissues of the throat which otherwise vibrates while blocking the airway. With the use of nasal drops, muscle tones-up and soft tissue is smoothened to ensure that it does not block the airway. This helps you get better sleep. It is believed that the regular use of these nose drops help the breathing properly in the longer run.

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