Hotels in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant metropolis which boasts a unique blend of Oriental hospitality and modern conveniences. It is no wonder that millions of visitors every year are enticed to visit this exciting destination that promises a fulfilling experience to all – whether it is for work or leisure. Walk down the 到會 streets of Hong Kong and you will witness a fast-paced lifestyle that creates a buzz of excitement at any time of the day. Hence, staying in any of the wide range of hotels in Hong Kong will bring you within close reach to all the action while catering to your specific taste and budget.

Whichever district you choose, you will be able to easily find hotels that would suit every budget, from small budget hotel chains to the largest, most established international hotel franchises. No matter which category of hotel you decide to go for, you are likely to enjoy value for your money. For instance, four-star hotels in Hong Kong generally cost less than four-star hotels in the West. Hence it would be easier for you to get a better hotel in Hong Kong for the same cost as in other major cities.

Kowloon and the New Territories would be good locations for budget to mid-ranged hotels. Kowloon, especially, is an attractive option for budget travelers as the hotels there are not only often cheaper than on the more upscale Island, the area is also well-connected by the transportation networks and is in close proximity to major shopping districts. What’s more, authentic local culture and delicacies can be experienced in Kowloon, making this the perfect place for you to travel.

If the ultimate pampering experience is what you have been craving for, this island would be your ideal haven. Boasting a wide array of the most recognized names in the international hotel business, the hotels here are renowned for their excellent range of amenities and services that add a special touch to your vacation or business trip. Your luxury experience is complemented by the nearby Victoria Harbour and its stunning, panoramic views, as well as easy access to major shopping centres and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

Getting around Hong Kong from any hotel has never been easier and more convenient, with the extensive transport network in the form of the Mass Transit System (MTR), tramways, buses and ferry services within minutes of your hotel’s doorstep. You will thus be able to reach and explore any part of Hong Kong with ease

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