Understanding Email

Everybody knows what email is, right? In the modern business world, email has become one of our most important methods of communication, and indeed often a web hosting client considers the operation of his email more important than the website itself GoDaddy email login. Unfortunately however, most people have only a very superficial idea of how email really works, so when trouble does arise, they have no idea how to troubleshoot the problem and it takes longer to solve. Just by knowing the basics of how email works, you can give a more accurate problem description to tech support personnel and even solve some problems yourself! You might even find some new and useful features of your email that you didn’t know about before. Let’s get started.

The short answer is that an email address is a user account of a particular domain name that is hosted somewhere. That domain name can be your own or one that someone else allows you to have an account on, such as yahoo.com or gmail.com. Either way, the domain must be hosted, not simply registered. The web hosting server is what provides the software to send and receive mail and the disk space to store received messages in a mailbox file.

As we said above, every email address has a username and a password. Wherever you log in to check your email, whether it is a web-based interface like hotmail.com or an email client like Outlook Express, you have to provide your username and password to receive mail. The username tells the server which mailbox file to retrieve or display the mail from, and the password confirms your identity to prove to the server that you are authorized to receive the mail. The server has your password stored in a file from the time your account was created, and whenever you log in, it compares the password you provide with the password it has on file. If they match, then the server allows you to access the mail in your mailbox.

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