Inbound Marketing – How SEO, Linking and Blogging Synergizing Bring More Traffic to Your Website

The good old 20th century marketing relied on interruption – ‘butting in’ on a consumer’s personal space. With methods like the cold call, direct marketing, mass media advertising, and email campaigns you were pushing out messages to a barely receptive audience.

Today’s 21st century consumers are better at blocking marketing messages with tools like ‘tuning out’, ‘tunnel vision’ and ‘selective hearing’ along with their technical counterparts like caller ID, TV ad-blocking tools, and spam filters. Marketers realize the old ways just don’t work as well The consumer may as well be a fortress surrounded by a moat.

With marketers having to stretch their dollar further, it makes sense to encourage consumers to come to you. That’s where ‘inbound marketing’ comes in. It’s really a cousin of the ‘self-service’ idea which pushes out ‘customer care’ to the customer. With inbound marketing it’s more like ‘be my guest and help yourself’.

Three low-cost methods which you should apply to your website can produce a healthier response (ironically) than the expensive and less targeted marketing campaigns of yesterday. They are SEO, Linking and Blogging. Used in tandem they make a powerful marketing synergy that will accelerate qualified traffic to your site.

Now remember that a qualified visitor has sought you out because they have a need, a desire, or a job to do, that your product or service can fulfill. So they already have a propensity to buy.

You’re lucky if your product or service appeals to a specialized niche market. Apart from having less competition, your target market uses more specific keywords and phrases in their searches. Getting good SEO results is a lot easier than for companies selling consumer goods or whose product has a lot of brand competition.

SEO is not less relevant because of the flight to social media marketing. Social media relies on keywords too. Most search is task-driven or fact-finding. So keep to a list of keywords around your product’s brand, what it is, what it does, and key personal benefits. Keep polishing and buffing, trying and testing. Take advantage of strong keywords and seasonal keywords to launch a limited-time PPC campaign and save the rest to slowly build traffic to your site from organic search.

Every once in a while a certain blogger makes it to the top of a certain niche and becomes the next big thing. Sooner or later we have to ask ourselves how they do it. After taking a look at some keynote blogs such as Perez Hilton for Celebrities, Problogger, ShoeMoney and others.

MultiMedia – Almost any truly famous blog has a variety of available content types. Video, Audio and Text posts are typically organized in categories on a self-hosted WordPress blog. This means you have to diversify your skillset or be ready to hire some people to help out with A/V and podcasting.

Timeliness – Posting the right article at the right time can go a long towards building your reputation. That is why you must be on top of your niche. You must monitor news sources and RSS feeds and be ready to post comment, photos or news to your blog at any moment.

Relevant Content – Celebrity bloggers always resist the urge to talk about what Paris Hilton did last summer and keep their posted pointed at the chosen niche of their blog. It doesn’t matter how hot the topic is. If you cannot relate it to your blog it is not worth posting about.

Consistency – Consistency is found in almost any top and doesn’t only apply to blogs with a lot of notoriety. You should always have a consistent posting schedule. You don’t have to post every day but you should pick a certain day each week or month (bi-weekly would be ideal).

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