Inexpensive Real Estate Flipping Marketing Ideas

Real estate flipping is a popular way to make some fast money in real estate, especially for a new investor with a limited budget. The beauty of it is that it is a business with unlimited potential New Backpage, but it can be achieved starting with virtually nothing more than drive, motivation and a willingness to think outside the box.

These are only a few of the marketing ideas about flipping properties. However they all have a common goal – building a buyer’s list. Once the investor has a buyer’s list in place, it is easier to sell the properties in a timely manner, and for a wholesaler/flipper, time is of the essence.

1. Craigslist/Backpage

Free online classified advertising with great exposure. Just by placing an ad like “For the latest list of properties at Wholesale Prices (short sales, preforeclosures and distressed owners), which include single family houses, multifamilies and commercial, please sign up at” You can create a free landing page on

2. Bandit Signs

Bandit signs can be purchased online very inexpensively. The best ones are yellow corrugated 18 by 24 inches. Also you should buy the wire stakes in order to plant them in the ground. A dozen of signs with the stakes should not cost you more than $24. Write the signs yourself with a black permanent marker and place them in strategic locations: intersections, Home Depot exit points, property for sale. The best time to place them out there is Friday evenings, since the “sign police” is usually not out on weekends, so you will at least get a few days of exposure.

3. Real Estate Investors Clubs

Attend local investors clubs and network with other investors. Pass your business cards around freely and your business card should state that you are an investor and wholesaler, with your landing page url address and email.

4. Research Cash Investors

Have a real estate agent run an MLS search in the immediate area of the property that you are trying to sell and locate “sold” properties in the previous 6 months, which sold for cash. Contact these cash buyers via mail or phone call, and ask them if they are interested in buying more properties in the area and if they would like to be included on your mailing list. They can register via your landing page or by giving you their email address over the phone.

5. Google Local

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