Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Contestants Remuneration per week

All the Contestants or Housemates Inside Bigg Boss House will get Remuneration for every week. Based on their Popularity and following in Public, Bigg Boss gives remunerations. Each contestants will get remuneration apart from the cash prize given by Bigg Boss if they win. Here we will give you all the Remunerations of Each Contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. 

To Know more Updates, latest Episode, Mock online voting results Please visit our website bigg boss 5 telugu vote . All Contestants who Participate are already Celebrities. They might already get paid or earning good amount outside. As they are being Part of Bigg Boss Boss So it will Pay them every week. Below are the following Payment details of all the Contestants.

Contestant NameRemuneration Per WeekOccupation
Hamida2 LakhActress
VJ Sunny 2 LakhSerial Actor
Priya3 LakhSr. Serial Actress
Swetha Varma2 LakhActress
Priyanka Singh2 LakhActress
Sree Ramachandra4 LakhSinger
Vishwa2.25 LakhActor
Jashwanth Padala1.75 – 2 LakhModel
Siri Hanumanth3.5 LakhActress
Uma Devi2 LakhSerial Actress
Lobo2.5 LakhAnchor, Actor
Nataraj Master2.5 LakhDance Choreagrapher
Anee Master3.5 LakhDance Choreagrapher
Sarayu3.5 LakhActress 
Shanmukh Jaswanth5.5 LakhYoutube Star
Anchor Ravi8 LakhAnchor, Actor
lahari2 LakhActress
RJ Kajal2 LakhDubbing Artist
Maanas2 LakhSerial Actor

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