Can Online Tutoring Work As Well As Traditional Tutoring?

Traditional tutoring is something where any student can take additional educational assistance apart from classroom learning. In schools the class timings are limited, and sometimes it is not enough to understand any topic completely. So students particularly, some average merit students need extra time to make out the topic clearly. In that respect, traditional learning mode is a useful learning process where tutors and students can interact face-to face. Most importantly, with this process, tutors can easily understand the student’s weak areas and according to that, they provide proper guidance. Several learning centers are available and students need to attend the classes.

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On the other hand, online tutoring is a modernized learning method where students don’t need to waste their time in searching good tutors or any convenient learning centers slot online. Additionally, they don’t need to maintain any fixed schedule to attend extra learning sessions. In this innovative learning method, students can schedule their personalized learning sessions with online tutors. To avail this service, students just need to have their own computer and a broad band connection. Most importantly, students from any part of the globe can access this learning assistance any time from home. Moreover, the allied online tools like virtual while board and attached chat box with voice or without voice make this online learning more interactive.

When it comes to make a choice between traditional tutoring and online tutoring, most students prefer to choose online assistance. Its flexibility, safe-to-use aspect and beneficial features make this leaning process popular among students. Here are few important factors that need to be discussed to get a clear outline.

* Time constraints are there in traditional mode where online services are available 24×7. So students don’t need to maintain any fixed schedule for that.

* In traditional tutoring, students can easily be familiar with tutors and they can build a personal connection and it helps students to excel well. On the other hand, in the web environment, students can learn the subject and communicate with their preferred tutor in an interactive way.

* When it comes to cost, the traditional mode of learning is more expensive than online learning. Generally, the learning centers charge a fixed amount from all students for common sessions whereas in online learning services, students can have personalized sessions. However, they can opt for unlimited sessions on any topic whenever they want and need and they are required to pay only for those sessions, they opt for.

* Personalized attention is another great advantage of online learning sessions. It is convenient for students who feel shy and uncomfortable to clear their doubts in group learning. It enhances students’ problem solving skills and make them confident.

* Speed does matter in traditional mode of learning as there is a fixed time-slot for every learning session and that has to be followed by students, whereas in online sessions, students can customized their learning sessions.

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