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Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is Europe’s largest supplier of commercial security systems. The Ajax product range includes 27 electronic devices for security of adjacent commercial premises, fire detection, and home automation, as well as industrial automation. Ajax offers the widest range of security appliances for the full-functioning of a fully protected facility. The Ajax products are designed to comply with the latest industrial and safety regulations, whilst incorporating state-of-the-art technology for maximum protection.

Security System Alarm systems from https://ajax.systems/products/ include detectors, motion detectors, door/window sensors, telephone access detectors, touch pad detectors and several other products. All Ajax products have been tested for reliability and performance and are designed to meet the toughest security standards worldwide. Ajax Security Systems have a comprehensive product line that incorporates everything you need to keep your workplace or property secure and under surveillance. These include:

Door/ifice Sensor Systems Alarm System: The Ajax Door/ifice sensor systems alarm system consists of a single device, which is installed in the door or the window opening. Once triggered, it emits a high decibel noise, which is detected by the nearest human ear. Once the listener is notified, the device activates and begins emitting sound waves. The emitted sounds will last for about 7 minutes. The main advantages of using this kind of Door/ifice sensor is that it does not require any further equipment to be installed.

Smart Alarm System: The Ajax systems alarm system has been developed to remotely control lights, TV, fridge, fans, fan blades, washing machine and microwave. It can also be controlled from a computer or PDA. The system is also available in an integrated model. The integrated model is suitable for use in homes, offices and small businesses. The subscriber need not carry out the installation of the units as they are controlled from a central control station through the internet.

Motion Detector: The motion detector is another component of the Ajax alarm system that can be controlled remotely. A motion detector sensor can be set to activate only when the user walks past it. For example, the sensor can be set to activate at the movement detected by the app. When the user moves out of range of the motion detector, the app will not initiate movement detection. The best aspect of this type of motion detector is that the unit requires no physical connection to the house.

Detectors and Alarms For Ajax Systems: The Ajax systems alarm system also includes detectors for smoke, carbon monoxide and explosion. The sensors used in this alarm system are built into doors, windows, and walls. Each detector or sensor is programmed to detect a specific hazard. There are numerous types of sensors that are available for Ajax based systems. The sensors can be wireless or hard wired depending upon your requirements.

Advanced Components For Ajax Systems: The components of the Ajax systems alarm system are highly dependable and efficient. Therefore, it is important to get good service provider that supports the advanced features of the system. The support provided should include the installation of wireless components for all the vulnerable points. It should also provide complete protection against vandalism, theft, emergencies, and other hazards. In addition, the support offered should be able to provide a remote monitoring and control panel with the latest technology like carbon monoxide sensors, wireless sensors and GSM alarm systems. Good support provided by the company should ensure that you are saved from the complications and hazards posed by the weather and other natural hazards.

Grade 2 Alarm Systems: A good quality Ajax systems alarm system has two types of sensors, namely, the low-grade 1 and the high-grade 2. The low-grade sensors are usually installed below the surface and cannot be tampered with whereas the high-grade 2 sensors are completely underground and therefore cannot be interfered with. If the company provides the installation services at ground level, it can be assured of no issues arising because of the presence of the sensors. The company should have the latest equipment and technology to ensure that the customers’ needs are fulfilled. A reputed company provides the right kind of support and assistance and hence the need to worry about any issues regarding the security of their premises can be completely removed.

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