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When building a website, I take many things into consideration. It first depends on whether or not the site is for myself or for a client. This makes a huge difference in the amount of prep time and design work that I do. For a client, I typically spend quite a bit more time designing and detailing the project in order to exceed their expectations. For myself, I am not nearly as nit-picky nor detailed. While I like to do a good job for myself, I tend to spend less time on my own work.

One of the first things you want to do upon meeting with a client is to find out what their overall goal and purpose of their website is. Whether they are simply wanting a static site that just displays basic information or if they intend to create an online business from their site. If they are planning on having a ton of traffic or if they are not. This is all key information to gather up front.

Once I have an idea of their wants and needs, I will then get an idea of how many pages they are wanting and if a lot of custom coding or database integration is necessary. This all affects the amount of time spent on designing a site and can greatly influence the price. It is very important to know these things up front so you don’t end up short-changing yourself or surprising your client with an enormous bill at the end of the project.

Once I have all of the details I then outline the project so I will have a time line of how long the project will take. This allows me to keep and maintain a steady pace in order to deliver the project on time. This is very important when working with clients because you always want to keep in contact with them and keep them up to date on the status of the project.

Lastly I will design the site and present it to the client as a finished product. I’ve found if you do it this way you by giving them less options, you do not have to do near as many edits and changes. The more input from the client that you get after you have started usually means more re-working that is required. As mentioned above, take care of all the details in the initial consultation.

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