Upgrading Your Graphics Card: Important Tips

If you are an avid game player, then there comes a time when your PC is not able to handle the performance required by your game. You will then start to see graphic lagging or choppiness, or worse, crashes from time to time. If you have an adequate CPU and RAM, then start looking at your graphics card for possible replacement.

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The problem with older graphics cards is that often they share the CPU and memory of your computer. Most often, cheap graphics cards that come with your retail PC are guilty of this Video card for sale. These cards were not designed for performance, but to keep the cost of your PC down.

The best way to approach the problem is to look at the performance you require. Obviously running web browser does not cause performance issues. So look at the game you are playing, and then start looking at reviews of graphics technology that are best supported by your game. Games, while designed to run on retail graphics, are often highly optimized for certain chipset. You should able to find comparison reviews of different chipsets on popular technology blogs.

Once you have determined the chipset, then look at the board manufacturers. Most boards are produced using either ATI or nVidia chipset. So research quality of boards, onboard RAM, based on your selected chipset. Make sure the board manufacture is reputable and provides warranty.

Now make sure your PC can handle the new board. Graphics boards run hot, so make sure you have adequate ventilation and a good power supply. If it does not, then you can look at getting a new case for your PC, and that is not too expensive, but of course labor costs can get expensive unless you know how to do it yourself.

Also it is important to know the interface bus your computer is running. Note only you have to buy a card that is compatible with your technology, the older AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) may not provide adequate performance. You will then have to look at PCI Express, which would require a change of motherboard if running AGP.

In summary, nothing ruins a great game experience like a bad graphic card. Also games are advancing so fast and game manufacturers are squeezing so much performance out of them, that soon you will find the new version of your favourite game is no longer running fast. So when it is time, do invest in getting a new graphic card. Graphic cards can be acquired at reasonable costs.

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