Red Polka Dot Dress Tips

Red Polka Dot Dress – Party to the fullest in this modern era of fashion. A red polka dot dress looks absolutely stunning for a night out on the town. The best part about it is you can wear it with just about anything. You can dress it up or down depending upon your mood. The most popular occasion where red polka dot dresses are worn is prom night.

Vintage 1950’s Party Outfit – Party-goers always love to dress up and one such party dress is the vintage red and white polka dots polka dot gown. This is an incredibly sexy red and white retro style dress. It comes with long knee length sleeves, full back neckline, and a high bust line on the top which will surely catch a lot of attention in a crowded party. It can be teamed up with the right hair accessories and a pair of stiletto high heels for the ultimate look! The best part is that this vintage gown is available at affordable prices online.

Lace Gown – The classic red and white polka dots pattern are elegantly enhanced with a simple elegant red and white lacy gown. A perfect match for this dress is a beautiful red or white high heel sandals. You can also team up this dress with red pumps. The beauty of this dress is the simplicity yet intricate design of the polka dots.

Midi Dress – A red polka dot dress looks extremely stylish when teamed with a nice pair of designer boots. A midi dress helps to accentuate your curves and give a slimmer figure. For maximum effect, it is recommended that you wear a dark red midi dress with skinny jeans or jeggings. If the occasion is formal, a long flowing gown would be more appropriate to pair up with this unique look.

Silk Dresses & Earrings – These days, women prefer to wear red dot jewelry and danglers instead of real gemstones. A wide variety of red dot jewelry designs are available in the market today like red, black, purple, red heart, yellow gold, pink, green, orange, blue, white, brown, etc. Jewelry can be either silver or gold. To get a glamorous look, pair it up with an elegant red silk dress and complement it with some red heels and elegant red earrings.

Jewelry Bracelet & Bangles – Choose red accessories with a matching bracelet and bangles. The bracelet and the bangles can be worn separately or together. A gold bracelet looks very chic with red color. You can also match it up with an elegant red evening clutch. If you do not want to spend much, then just splurge and buy red diamond earrings along with the dress along with a red wrap or choker.

Shoes – Wear red shoes with your dress. It gives you a different look than when you wear black or white shoes. Red shoes help to accentuate your curves, add to your feminine beauty and make you look taller. Wedges, platforms, platform heels, stilettos, flats and pumps are some of the most popular ones to choose from. Red shoes also go well with red dot skirt, red evening gowns and red suede bags or purses. You can even pair up your red shoes with pumps or cowboy boots to carry off your look.

Hats – Accessorize your red dot gown with a wide variety of red hats. Try to avoid hats that cover your eyes as they will completely change the look of the gown. You can opt for a simple red hat such as a baseball cap, shell corduroy or a visor hat. Caps and visors come in many shapes such as round, oval, heart-shaped or square and are available in plain colors as well as patterned. You can even purchase red hat pins to secure your hat into your dress!

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