Is Article Writing Pointless: Are Article Marketing Services Dead?

Shock! Gasp! Horror! Article writing is now pointless and article marketing services are dead! So thought many people when the much-misunderstood algorithm update known commonly as ‘Farmer’ was introduced to the internet marketing world by Google. The panic was palpable, and you could almost smell the fear in many of the hysterical blog posts and articles written on this dreadful thing that Google had just done to us.

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Google Protects its Customers

All nonsense, of course, because Google generally does not harm those responsible for its existence, even if only marginally responsible, but it does protect those people it regards as its customers. These are the people who use Google as a search engine to find information – not those that use the search engine to advertise! scrape google search results

If you are offering good information on your web pages, or using article directories, then article writing will be alive and well and article marketing services will continue to enable you to promote your information sites. Naturally, your websites will have to offer useful information, although dedicated sales sites are still regarded as providing Google customers with a service. So what was the purpose of this algorithm update that Google introduced in February?

The Panda-Farmer Algorithm Update

Even though the dust has settled, and everybody has had their two cents worth of comments and explanations, there is still a great deal of misunderstanding. Even my explanation here might not satisfy everybody, and some may disagree with me. It is their right to do so, but as an article ghostwriter of good standing and many years experience I guess my opinion is just as worth expressing as that of anybody else out there.

Article writing was not Google’s target, and neither were the article marketing services that still enable you to u

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