Prostate Milking – Can It Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer comes with a cancerous tumor that is in a malignant state which usually grows slowly and stays at the gland for many years. It consists of cells from the prostate gland; it usually doesn’t show any sign on its early stages. Although, in some cases, it’s different with prostate cancer. Some are lethal and fast. It grows and spreads rapidly and can cause quick death to the person affected by it.

The Gleason score, is a measure of the cancer’s aggressiveness which can be calculated by trained pathologists through observing the biopsy specimen under a microscope. Then as the cancer gets worse, it can spread to the tissues located at its surroundings while it can also metastasize or spread farther in the other areas such as the bones, the lungs and the liver. In this stage, signs and symptoms can be easily observed. So in what way can men avoid having prostate cancer? Can prostate milking help prevent it? Is it really possible?

To answer these questions, let us first know what prostate milking is. Prostate milking is the process of removing the excessive semen that is stored in the prostate. Although there Prostate Protocol are no specific studies that show prostate milking can really help reduce the risk of acquiring prostate cancer, a lot believe that it really does. Since it is a process of cleaning the prostate, thus, making it less prone to bacteria.

Logically speaking, prostate milking makes the prostate healthier. It is said that once the semen gets stuck in the prostate for a long time, bacteria starts to grow and increases the free radicals at the prostate. These radicals can cause cancer cells after a very complicated process. Aside from that, when we milk the prostate, we stimulate the blood flow within the organs veins. When it is done, it gets oxygenized.

As the theory goes, the larger amount of semen a man releases, the less prone he is to acquiring this deadly disease. Even though prostate milking is not yet medically proven, it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to work. But as always, the best way to have a healthy prostate is to eat balanced diet combined with regular milking of the prostate.

The process might sound difficult at the beginning or even complicated but once you get the hang of it, it will be easy and it will definitely make you feel good. It can give very satisfying orgasm; much better than the regular one.

To perform this, a person needs to have a glove for sanitary reason. It is also said that sex toys and even a drumstick can help achieve very good results when used as tools in prostate milking. Position yourself on the floor in all four then insert the finger in the anus two inches behind the base of the penis. Once you feel the prostate, start prostate milking by gently pressing and massaging the prostate gently at first and then use the rhythm that is suitable.

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