Why Your Kids Should Be Into Classic Films Instead of Junk TV Stuff

Do you have kids? If you do, you probably have about the same reaction to half of the junk that’s on television as I do.

Households with kids would be enhanced by donating all their TVs to a recycling plant.

CEO of Red Rock Entertainment, Gary collins red rock

The majority of programming for the eighteen and under crowd on the television today is junk. I mean serious junk. It romanticizes characters you’d rather your kids didn’t know about doing things that you’d rather your kids didn’t do and getting away with things you’re hoping they won’t get away with until they’re out of the house for at least a decade or two red rock entertainment testimonials.

At the risk of giving my age away, I am going to ask whatever happened to the smart toons like Crusader Rabbit and George of the Jungle? Remember Gilligan’s Island and Happy Days? There were plots and characters then. Now we have reality shows that have little to do with reality and cartoons where every toon character is beating up on the next.

Guess What? Today’s Hollywood Hits Aren’t Much Better

It used to be a celebratory event to take the family to a movie. To commemorate a family member’s birthday much poring over the entertainment section had to take place to decide on the perfect movie outing. The anticipation was great, not only for the movie itself but for the popcorn, candy and cokes that were so much a part of the celebration.

Now your family is all set and sitting in their seats waiting impatiently for the show to begin. Once it does, you feel like getting up and leaving. The movie is poorly written, once again overly dependent on special effects and offers very little in entertainment value. The dialog probably consists of a hundred one-liners that you really don’t want to have to explain to your kids.

At this point, you should look into the movies of yore. The classics that had real writers, actors and directors and no special effects, maybe not even color. We are not talking here about tepid remakes of the classics but the real thing, the originals.

There are actually businesses out there that understand the wonder of the classic movies coming into the public domain and are offering them once again to an audience eager for excellence in entertainment. There was a time when those great classics were copyright protected making them too expensive for showing in movie houses or streamed to your TV set. This is no longer true and some of the best movies ever made are lurking in the public domain.

Now, film buffs and companies are using their rapidly growing net to skim the best (and yes, some of the worst) of these films off of the top and make them available through their website. In their original vintage form.

What a Break for Film Lovers

Now we can get these wonderful old flicks out of the public domain and into our home theaters. Next family movie night, turn on one of those classic movie channels and see what goodies are in store for you. Actual films without special effects, gore or violence right in front of you to enjoy together.

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