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Nokia’s really 5 smartphone has been a welcome relief to the smartphone users. The real 5 allows for a number of fun features that can prove to be really entertaining. This smartphone has been a part of Nokia’s stable and is one of its most popular models, whether it is being used for professional or personal purposes. The real 5 has a nice build quality and is quite slim and fits easily in one’s pocket. If you are thinking about buying a smartphone that has been tested for its performance and would include some fun features in it, the realme should be on your list.

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The real 5 phone has an all around impressive set of specs. Nokia has integrated a 6.5 inch IPS LCD screen with a full touch screen resolution of 720 X 1,600 pixels and a pixel density of 260 PPI. It also comes with an extremely bezel-free design and a metal body with a water drop back camera and selfies, which definitely resulted in a larger space. The real 5 also boasts a high performance rear camera with an f/2.4 lens, so if you are looking for a smartphone with an excellent camera then this is definitely one of the phones to consider realme 5.

The real 5 also has a few unique features compared to other smartphones on the market today. For instance, it offers a fingerprint scanner, which works quite well, particularly for busy people. However, the real 5 phone also has a nice feature, the M Symbolic Keyboard, which allows you to input text using the Symbolic keyboard. This keyboard is very easy to use and provides nice functions like auto complete and fuzzy matching, which you will appreciate when typing something long and tedious. The realme also offers a nice notification centre, featuring a large number of clock widgets and clocks that are easy to access and use.

When it comes to performance, the real 5 offers an impressive combination of hardware and software. The octa-core MSM5 processor is backed up by a powerful quad-core ARM processor and has a maximum of two gigabytes of RAM. On the rear camera there are a 12 mega-pixels camera with autofocus and laser image detection and a nice LED light, which are located at the top of the unit.

One of the best features of the realme 5 phone is its cutting-edge technology called f2.4 aperture, which uses a faster shutter speed and a lower optical zoom, compared to the iPhone 6s Plus for instance. This makes for excellent photos and videos and is the reason why the realme has become such a popular choice among amateur photographers. The realme has a unique self-cleaning feature, which means it does not require any additional sensors for the photos and videos that you take. It also offers a unique auto-focus system, which allows the user to adjust the exposure and focus until they have achieved the best result. All in all, the real 5 Phone is designed with professional users in mind, meaning that users will find many features essential to their needs.

When it comes to battery life, the real 5 Phone has a higher battery capacity than most smartphones. This means that you will be able to enjoy videos and photos for longer periods of time on the go. Additionally, it has an impressive battery life, which lasts approximately five hours on a single charge. If you are looking for a smartphone with all of the bells and whistles that you can’t find in other phones, then the Realme 5 Phone is certainly worth considering. For a great price, with all of the high-end features you want and a brilliant screen, the Realme 5 is a smartphone that you should consider purchasing.

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