Buying Guide to Help You Determine a Fake and Real Diamond

The beauty of a diamond is unique. Its radiance lasts forever and purchasing of this stone is great and exciting task. Nowadays, selling of fake types is rampant so if you have plans of purchasing one, you should know how to distinguish a real from fake one.

One may not notice at first glance the difference between a fake and real diamond. Most often, you only notice the difference after some time of keeping it.

What can be frustrating is when you bought a fake one with the price of a real one. This article will help you avoid this dilemma and invest your money in a real kind of stone best fake id.

The first thing that you should bear in mind is to deal only with trusted jewelers. Do not buy diamonds from jewelers whom you have never dealt with before.

If it is your first time to buy diamonds, it is best to seek advice from a diamond expert.

The best fake types looks very similar with the real one that even a professional jeweler sometimes gets confused.

Take a close look on the diamond, which you plan to buy. Examine closely the setting that the stone is in it. Low quality metals are usually used in fake sorts and are not durable. Check for scratches on it. The best fake diamond is the zirconia and its weight is about 50% more than the true one. You can check on this by weighing it.

If you do not have an eye on jewelries and do not know how to determine if it is fake or real with your naked eyes, you may use an electronic tester to check the diamond. However, the tester is not so reliable in checking for its true validity.

You may also use the fog test to check if is fake or real by blowing some air from your mouth to the diamond. If the fog stays on the stone for some seconds, then it is a fake one. If it is a real one, the fog disappears immediately.

In making this test, clean its surface first before blowing air on it. Another method is the ultraviolet test where a blue light appears when a real diamond is placed under UV light.

The most important thing in buying diamonds is to check on its certificate, as this will reveal its identity. Do not make transactions with a retailer who is reluctant to give the certificate. A real one may be costly but it is a good investment since these are the most durable and precious stones on earth.

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