Buying Bakery Equipment

For starting your own bakery business, the investment in bakery equipment can be a real issue. Depending on how large a business you plan to run and what kinds of baking machines you absolutely need right from the get go, the average person is looking at spending from close to a thousand to several thousand dollars for their baking needs. Common to almost all bakeries is the oven, of course, and these are available in many different sizes, shapes, and models that allow the baker to do different things. You want to get the best equipment you can afford, and it’s best to get something that can take into account any plans for expansion you may have. This means planning ahead and perhaps investing in a larger oven than one you will immediately need, for example, if you plan to expand your business in the immediate future.

Startup costs can be very high for a bakery, especially when a wide range of baked goods such as bread, pastries, and cakes are offered. There are specialized mixers for all the above products, and unless you have the time to do things by hand, purchasing each separate mixer will triple the costs for mixers compared to a bakery that just needs a bread dough mixer. Cafes can fall into this situation quite easily, which is why most cafes offer baked goods from other sources water filter.

If money is tight, look into bakery equipment leasing or used bakery equipment, which may be found in bakery equipment auctions. Either option may yield equipment that is cheaper than new products, yet offers comparable value. By buying used or leasing, you may very likely get something larger or of better quality for the same price as something less desirable that is new. Quality equipment is built to last, and can usually be depended on to do its job with the least frustration. Buying from a quality manufacturer or reputable bakery equipment suppliers should mean that any breakdowns can be handled quickly and repairs done as soon as possible by a qualified repairman. Some companies even offer 24-hr assistance. Do careful research and know what kind of back ups companies offer. An added plus to buying a good brand is that repair parts should be easily available if anything needs replacing. Leasing equipment offers the possibility also of upgrading easily when you need to expand, or when equipment becomes outdated or breaks.

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