Tart Cherry Juice and Its Health Benefits

Most cherries are grown in the United States, with about 60% of tart cherries being grown in Michigan. Michigan has gained the name “Cherry Capital of the World” due to the amount they export each year. Many health benefits have been found from these small yet powerful fruits.

CHERRY (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

Medical studies show that you can see significant health boosts just by eating cherries. Concentrated tart cherry juice has shown to be even more effective, having the capability to fight arthritis and gout pain. It is also a great source of anti-oxidants. Studies from Michigan State University say that the juice contains Anthocyanin, which belongs to a group of flavonoids which are known anti-inflammatory agents. Although there are over 300 types of Anthocyanins, the particular type found in cherries is very unique as a powerful agent in fighting inflammation. It seems to have the ability to block the pain signals in the brain which cause inflammation in certain areas of the body. Because of this, taking concentrated tart cherry juice can deliver a good amount of Anthocyanins to a person’s body trĂ¡i cherry.

Tart cherries are also a good source of Melatonin. A person’s body process its own Melatonin in the pineal gland at the base of the brain, however, Mother Nature also produces Melatonin. One great source of this is the tart cherry. This means that drinking tart cherry juice everyday increases the Melatonin in your body. Why is this good? Melatonin supplements are used to help individuals who suffer from insomnia, helping them to fall asleep, stay asleep, and be more well rested in the morning. This Melatonin can be found in dried cherries, frozen cherries, as well as cherry juice. When cherries are taken on a regular basis, it will help regulate a person’s natural sleep cycle as well as improve their quality of sleep.

Whole cherries contain high amounts of anti-inflammatory agents, anti-oxidants, perillyl, limonene alcohol, ellagic acid, vitamins and minerals. Specifically, they are rich in vitamin A, C and E as well as magnesium, beta carotene, iron, foliate and potassium. They help relieve pain from gout and arthritis, treat insomnia, and can even relieve soreness experience by athletes after exercise. This tiny fruit also provides athletes with energy. Studies even say cherry juice can help prevent cell damage, reduce the risks of certain cancers, and help prevent heart disease and heart attacks, making cherries nothing short of a super food.

Among the many forms of cherries, concentrated tart cherry juice contains 12,800 ORAC (oxygen, radical absorbance capacity), dried cherries contain 6.800 ORAC, frozen cherries contain 2,033 ORAC and canned cherries contain only 1,700 ORAC. Tart cherries dissolve and control the buildup of uric acid crystals in joints, the cause of gout. The juice also has the ability to repair damage in the joint area. Fresh cherries provide the most overall health benefits, but concentrated cherry juice will have better effects when used to treat gout, arthritis, or insomnia. You can also enjoy cherries dried, baked, or cooked. Some people enjoy making cherry smoothies with fresh cherries or concentrated juice.

Concentrated tart cherry juice mixed with sparkling water can make a delicious and natural soda. Cherries are tasty way to lead yourself to a healthier lifestyle.

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