Wear the Right Perfume

Perfumes are great mood healers. People have different reasons to wear a perfume- they may have been using a particular brand and hence they want to continue with it, they may want to leave an impression on their boss and co-workers or there may be others who want to win over their beloveds. Yet another category of people is of who have not had a bath since the past 10 days and now they themselves have started to realize that their body STINKS but are too lazy to take a shower. Whatever is the reason, a perfume appeals to all.

Many people judge a person by the kind of perfume he/she wears. With such a wide array of perfumes available in the market, it is hard indeed to pick up one that suits the overall personality of the person. Just like music and clothes, there are different perfumes for different moods and different occasions.

Just like any other cosmetic, a perfume too has its own do’s and don’ts.

Perfume do’s-

  1. It is not wrong to go hunting a perfume shop and go around checking all the flavors either by applying or by smelling alone but such a thing is usually not recommended. One must not go by the flavors available in the shop. Rather he/she must go in with the brands he/she has already been following or one that has been recommended by family and friends. In any of the cases, the Make your perfume sentosa perfume must be tried and tested on the person’s own skin.
  2. While testing a perfume, apply it on the elbows, or wrists or behind the ears.
  3. Women perfumes ought to have that feminine and sugary feel in them. It is not surprising that some women detest such a scent and go with some strong macho fragrance. In a case as this it is important that the ‘rough and tough’ smell is not overdone.
  4. Store the perfume in a dry, cool and a dark place. Cool place does not mean one refrigerates it. Jokes apart, the perfume should not be placed in direct sunlight.
  5. Ensure that the bottle of the perfume is such that there is no room for evaporation.
  6. Keep the perfume bottle upright to avoid any leakage.
  7. Wear a perfume according to the occasion. Though mentioned in the last, this one is actually the most important.

Perfume don’ts-

  1. Please do not just buy a perfume because someone suggested. Apply one’s own freedom and choice in making the final decision. Remember a perfume mirrors a person’s personality and one cannot just borrow the idea of someone else’s personality.
  2. Do not use perfumes that have been lying in the drawer for long but scarcely used. These can give a very bad infection.
  3. Please do not substitute bathing with perfume spraying. The two are way different to be used as substitutes.
  4. Avoid spraying too much on the clothes. It may give stains. Also, avoid perfume usage on hair.

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